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At Earthen Treasure Chest, I believe that fashion and sustainability should go hand in hand. That's why I have dedicated myself to curating a collection of handmade clothing and adornments that are not only beautiful, but gentle on the earth too. All clothing is made with organic textiles, including cotton, hemp, and bamboo, that are produced without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. I take pride in carrying clothing that has been designed and handmade with love and care. My collection includes unique and one-of-a-kind pieces from Kelley Bennett of Calico Alchemy Organics in Oregon and Olive Marie from Harmonic Threads in Michigan. I dye all clothing in small batches, using fiber-reactive dyes and low-water techniques. My creative process draws inspiration from nature, and I consistently work with earth tones and muted hues.


Fashion should never come at the cost of the environment or fair labor practices, which is why I carefully curate my inventory to ensure that all of my products are made by small businesses or individual artisans right here in the United States. By choosing to shop with ETC, you can feel good knowing that you are making a positive impact on the environment and supporting ethical labor practices.

In 2017, Earthen Treasure Chest was born, bringing my passion for music, travel and sustainable fashion together. Ever since then, I've been traveling to music festivals with my pop-up shop, showcasing the beauty of handmade clothing. My shop provides a unique collection of pieces from many talented artisans.

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